Elevate efficiency and effectivness with eSSETS

eSSETS: The Ideal Hybrid Solution for Small to Medium-Sized Enterprises in Facilities, Asset, and Maintenance Management


In today’s fast-paced business environment, small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) require efficient and effective solutions to streamline their facilities, asset, and maintenance management processes. eSSETS offers a unique, innovative, and cloud-based application that combines elements of enterprise asset management, facilities management, and maintenance management. This article explores why eSSETS is the ideal choice for SMEs, highlighting its easy implementation, practical functions, low-cost subscriptions, and knowledge management capabilities.

Easy Implementation with Cloud-Based Architecture

eSSETS stands out as a cloud-based solution, eliminating the need for any local system installations. This accessibility allows SMEs to get started quickly, without the burden of managing infrastructure or dealing with complex installations. By leveraging the cloud, eSSETS ensures seamless scalability, data security, and effortless updates, enabling SMEs to focus on their core operations.

Accelerated Setup with Provided Templates

eSSETS offers pre-designed templates that significantly speed up the initial setup process. These templates act as a foundation for configuring the system according to the organization’s unique requirements. By eliminating the need to start from scratch, SMEs can swiftly implement eSSETS and begin reaping its benefits, saving time and resources.

Extensive Hand-Holding and Implementation Support

To ensure a smooth transition, eSSETS provides extensive hand-holding and guidance during the implementation process. The work order system within eSSETS acts as a helpful tool, guiding customers through each step of the implementation journey. This approach helps SMEs leverage the system to implement the system itself, leading to better adoption rates and a higher chance of successful implementation.

Practical Functions for Comprehensive Management

eSSETS combines facilities management, asset management, and maintenance management functions into a comprehensive and practical solution. By encompassing these critical aspects, SMEs can streamline their operations, enhance efficiency, and reduce downtime. This unique hybrid application caters specifically to the needs of SMEs, providing them with a comprehensive toolkit to manage their facilities and equipment effectively.

All-Inclusive, Low-Cost Annual Subscriptions

With eSSETS, SMEs can enjoy the benefits of a native cloud-based architecture at affordable prices. The application offers all-inclusive, low-cost annual subscriptions, ensuring predictable budgeting and cost-effective operations. This subscription-based model allows SMEs to access the full suite of eSSETS features without incurring significant upfront costs or ongoing maintenance expenses.

Incremental Implementation for Seamless Adoption

Recognizing the potential challenges faced by SMEs, eSSETS allows for incremental implementation of its functions. This approach ensures that the administrative and technical staff are not overwhelmed by the adoption process. SMEs can gradually integrate eSSETS into their existing workflows, thereby minimizing disruption and enabling a smooth transition.

SmartQ™: Streamlined Issue Reporting and Help Requests

eSSETS introduces SmartQ™, a powerful feature that enables individuals to self-register and report issues or request assistance within the context of their location and equipment. Operations managers, facility managers, and administrative staff can efficiently review incoming requests, prioritize them, and assign them to internal staff or external contractors. This streamlined workflow enhances communication and speeds up issue resolution.

Mobile-Friendly Notifications for Technicians and Contractors

eSSETS ensures that technicians and contractors stay connected and informed through email and text notifications on their mobile devices. These notifications enable them to pick up assigned work orders promptly, improving response times and overall productivity. By leveraging mobile technology, eSSETS empowers field staff and enhances their ability to manage tasks efficiently.

Knowledge Management for Continuous Improvement

As SMEs use eSSETS over time, it accumulates vast amounts of information about buildings, equipment, and other assets, as well as the procedures used for inspections and preventive maintenance. This wealth of knowledge becomes a valuable resource for the organization, serving as a knowledge management application. The accumulated information facilitates faster onboarding of new personnel, as they can easily access the system’s comprehensive knowledge base. This knowledge-driven approach promotes continuous improvement and empowers SMEs to make data-informed decisions for better facilities and equipment maintenance.


eSSETS emerges as the ideal hybrid solution for small to medium-sized enterprises seeking efficient facilities, asset, and maintenance management. Its cloud-based architecture eliminates installation complexities, while provided templates expedite initial setup. With extensive hand-holding during implementation and guidance through the work order system, eSSETS ensures a smooth transition. The application’s practical functions combine multiple management aspects into a comprehensive solution, while its low-cost annual subscriptions offer affordability. Incremental implementation allows for seamless adoption, and SmartQ™ enhances issue reporting and resolution. Mobile-friendly notifications keep technicians and contractors connected, and eSSETS’ knowledge management capabilities foster continuous improvement. By choosing eSSETS, SMEs can elevate their efficiency and effectiveness in managing their facilities, assets, and maintenance processes.