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The Pillars Christian Learning Center Case Study: Orchestrating Success Through Efficient Asset Management

About The Pillars Christian Learning Center

The Pillars Christian Learning Center, established by founders Melissa and Geren Anderson, operates eight vibrant preschool locations throughout the San Antonio, TX area. The center holds steadfast to its mission of ensuring a safe, secure, and nurturing environment for every child, from infancy through 12 years of age. The Andersons envisioned The Pillars as an integrated network providing exceptional care and educational services to families. Their potent combination of business acumen and passion makes them acutely aware of the pivotal role top-tier facilities play in running successful preschools.

Facilities Management Challenges: Navigating through Complexity

Managing and tracking their expanding chain of preschools, along with all building, educational, and IT-related assets, proved to be a significant challenge. Michelle Munoz, Manager of Facilities & Administration, realized that conventional methods such as email and spreadsheets would not suffice for the rapidly growing organization. With eight burgeoning locations, she sought a simple yet effective solution for tracking the cost and location of their numerous pieces of equipment. Furthermore, an easily accessible platform for staff members to report issues was crucial to ensure these could be promptly prioritized and delegated to their team or external contractors. Given the size of their maintenance staff, efficient contractor management was paramount. The ultimate aim was to maintain a system that consistently ensured the safety and comfort of their young learners‚ÄĒall within a limited budget.

eSSETS: A Comprehensive Solution

“We evaluated multiple options,” shared Michelle, “and found eSSETS perfectly tailored to tackle our wide range of asset management challenges. What made it stand out was its ease of use and affordability. Given our teaching and support staff aren’t tech-savvy, user-friendliness was essential. Our previous systems incurred no direct costs, but the indirect expenses and hassle of managing chaos were overwhelming.”

Michelle elaborated that their staff transitioned smoothly from making phone calls to logging into eSSETS and reporting issues. They quickly found that no request went unnoticed, and they received regular updates on the status of their requests until completion.

Now, adding new equipment purchases into the eSSETS database is routine, along with noting warranty expiration dates and coverage specifics. All equipment assigned to specific locations, classrooms, and staff members is effectively tracked.

Starting with eSSETS was a breeze. A single one-hour training session was all Michelle needed to get the ball rolling. The platform’s simplicity enabled her to train staff members independently, rarely needing to contact eSSETS for support. In fact, the proactive eSSETS support team regularly checks in with Michelle to ensure she doesn’t require any assistance.

Conclusion: A Testament to Efficient Asset Management

The eSSETS asset management system’s implementation has saved The Pillars Christian Learning Center invaluable time‚ÄĒdefinitely several hours per week. More importantly, it has helped meet the center’s vital objective of ensuring a safe, comfortable environment for both kids and staff. The efficiency of tracking and accounting for asset purchases and movements has also boosted their accounting function.

To explore the many features and innovations within eSSETS cloud-based facility management software, visit us at If you’re ready to experience eSSETS for yourself, sign up today for a risk-free trial. Embark on a journey of streamlined asset management and give your organization the edge it deserves.