Manage all aspects of facilities and assets‚ÄĒwith one simple tool.

eSSETS’ cloud-based asset management and facility management software works like a charm for small organizations and is scalable and sophisticated enough to manage large organizations.

Keep your facilities in optimum shape.

eSSETS provides tools to manage your People, Places & Things.

eSSETS makes it easier to manage the people and get the job done.

Manage Contractor & Vendor Information

From work histories to invoices to contact information, easily find details for contractors and vendors.

Manage Maintenance Staff & Service Requests

Assign work orders, schedule preventive maintenance & periodic inspections

Features Asset Tracking Software

eSSETS streamlines the critical data and assets you need to manage multiple locations.

Navigate Facilities With Ease

eSSETS' organization of placeshelps managers navigate their facility management software at a glance, making it easy to find information and initiate orders.

Browse Reporting Dashboard

eSSETS' flexible reporting dashboard presents your preferred reports in real time so you can ensure your facilities are running like they should be.

Features Asset Tracking Software

eSSETS asset tracking and management software digitizes your assets every detail.

Organize & Track Assets

No matter what your assets happen to be, eSSETS provides superior tracking of your assets' work order history, check-out information, warranties, and much more.

See Trends Over Time

eSSETS' asset tracking capabilities help you identify asset trends associated with costs, repairs, and overall use so you can plan for future purchases accordingly.

Features Asset Tracking Software

eSSETS facility maintenance software and asset management system earns valuable ROI and gives managers precious time.

Work Order Management

eSSETS' work order functionality is a help desk and dispatch system rolled into one that helps you ensure inspections, preventive maintenance, and repairs are completed on schedule and to your specifications.

Maintenance Scheduling

eSSETS lets you systematically schedule recurring work in granular detail so you never have to suffer the frustration of missing‚ÄĒor even failing‚ÄĒanother required inspection or preventative maintenance activity.

Contractor & Vendor Management

From assigning work to requesting bids to tracking insurance credentials and invoicing, eSSETS provides vendor and contractor information management that allows you to quickly and easily leverage your most critical resources.


eSSETS' facility management reporting distills lengthy data into a few succinct reports‚ÄĒbypassing scrutiny and human error. Because there's beauty in functionality that delivers data-driven insights you'll actually use.

Asset Tracking & Transfers

Always know who is responsible for maintaining your equipment and easily transfer responsibility as your organization grows and changes.

Document Storage, Search & Retrieval

Organize and store manuals, repair records and financial records for instant retrieval with a tap or a click. Know if your equipment is under warranty at a glance with our warranty tracking icon.

Cost Management, CAPEX & OPEX

Historical activities answer important questions and indicate trends that can assist with future planning, which is why eSSETS tracks every activity that occurs during an asset's lifecycle, from acquisition through disposition, and everything in between.