Gold in them Notes

There’s Gold in Them There…Notes!

There’s Gold in Them There…Notes!

Gold in them Notes

Ever feel like there’s a treasure hidden in your daily grind but you just can’t put your finger on it? Well, we’ve got a map for you, and it leads straight to a gold mine of knowledge – and it’s all tucked away in those everyday notes you’ve been taking.

Striking Gold with Every Note

Think of eSSETS like your trusty pickaxe. Every note you jot down, whether it’s a quick observation about an AC unit’s rattle or a detailed account of a contractor’s promise, is like chipping away at the rockface. These aren’t just scraps of information; they’re nuggets of gold waiting to be discovered.

Mining for Nuggets of Knowledge

With eSSETS, those notes you and your team keep? They become a rich vein of insights. You’re not just recording words; you’re capturing valuable knowledge. And the best part? You don’t have to sift through piles of paper or dig through endless emails. eSSETS organizes these notes, giving you and your team the power to extract those golden insights with ease.

Building Your Gold Bar of Wisdom

Gather enough of these precious nuggets, and soon enough, you’re sitting on a gold bar of organizational wisdom. This isn’t just about individual notes; it’s about creating a treasure trove of collective knowledge. And like any good treasure, it grows more valuable over time.

Turn Your Team’s Thoughts into Treasure

Imagine the power of pooling together every observation, idea, and action. That’s what eSSETS does. It turns your team’s collective brainpower into a repository of information that’s as valuable as gold. By capturing the thoughts and deeds of your day-to-day, eSSETS transforms your team’s experiences into a wealth of actionable insights.

Credit Where Credit's Due

In this gold mine, every nugget is tagged with the miner’s name. That means when you strike it rich with an idea or a solution, your contribution is recognized and valued. eSSETS doesn’t just store notes; it celebrates the minds behind them.

No Need for Tags – The Gold Speaks for Itself

Forget about cumbersome tagging. The real magic of eSSETS is in how it understands the context and content of your notes, just like a seasoned gold prospector knows where to dig. This smart system picks up on the words and tones you use, linking them to your organization’s assets and activities.

A Gold Rush of Organizational Knowledge

When it’s time to plan for the future, like deciding what to do with building A on campus 2, eSSETS turns into your personal gold rush. It lays out everything you need to know, drawn from the wealth of notes your team has collected. This isn’t just a tool; it’s your path to striking gold in maintenance management.

So, Ready to Go for the Gold?

Remember, every note you take in eSSETS is more than just a word; it’s a potential nugget of gold. By bringing all these pieces together, you’re not just managing facilities; you’re building a fortune in knowledge and insight.

Grab your pickaxe and let’s start mining with eSSETS – where every note is a step closer to striking gold in facility management.

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Paul W. Roberts, eSSETS founder and CEO, has led business software projects and companies for over 25 years. Focus areas have included service and maintenance management, inventory control, project management, document management, and accounting applications.