We Are Changing How Assets Are Managed

We believe there is a better way to manage your facilities and assets. An easier, more efficient, and collaborative approach that will save you time while increasing effectiveness across your organization.

We are a tool for making smart decisions.

eSSETS is designed to let you make smart decisions with less labor and time. We believe faster decisions happen when you keep all the key stakeholders in the loop until a problem is resolved or a decision is made. When everyone knows what is going on and can easily provide input, the information you receive is better. We take pride in allowing our clients to see a clear picture and take action.

We bring collaboration and clarity to asset and facility management.

Our Mission & Values

At eSSETS, we built our product and our team on the belief that collaboration is central to success. What does this mean for you? For starters, our product will simplify collaboration with your staff and vendors. 

Our development and support teams also pride themselves on listening to the needs of clients and collaborating to find solutions. Through open communication we learn from various disciplines and are able to make software improvements that meet the needs of our diverse clients. 

We are on a mission to open up the silos of communication and tracking that exist within facility and asset management software today. We want to be part of your team and look forward to collaborating with you.

A Brief History

eSSETS was founded in 2010 by software industry veteran Paul Roberts, software engineering wiz Clint Brown, and joined shortly thereafter by software training and project management expert Naheel Cannefax. Paul’s previous software ventures focused on service, inventory and accounting management. eSSETS was launched from a passion to help organizations improve the efficiency and effectiveness of operations with great software. From this passion and the complimentary talents of this core team, the company has grown to serve clients across the globe.

Meet the team