eSSETS' software for foodservice operations is a refreshing all-in-one system.

We understand your customers’ confidence in you is critical. Our restaurant facilities & asset management software removes barriers to managing your day-to-day operations so you can keep your facilities running full steam ahead.

eSSETS helps you manage your restaurant facilities to perfection.

Restaurant Facility Management Specific Features

Track and manage your assets with a scalable solution.

eSSETS’ restaurant management software gives you the benefit of knowing at a glance who is responsible for maintaining the equipment crucial to your operations, which makes it easier to transfer responsibility as your restaurant facilities evolve and scale.

Create a digital database of your most vital documents.

eSSETS makes storing, searching for, and retrieving maintenance and repair manuals, inspection and PM checklists, warranties, repair records, and contractor invoices easy.

Make online service requests.

eSSETS' work order management software solutions let you maximize consistency and efficiency from the convenience of your own smartphone or tablet whenever you see something that needs a worker's, contractor's, or vendor's attention.

Use restaurant templates and clone your facilities.

eSSETS knows that the restaurant industry is built on consistency. We help you stay consistent as you expand. Our restaurant templates are pre-loaded with common industry equipment to choose from and our cloning functionality will help you get your growing number of restaurants in the system and functioning quickly.

Create a customized dashboard.

We provide a number of dashboard elements to select from. Each user can customize their dashboard by selecting the charts most useful for their role, and order them according to importance. This makes it faster for each unique user to find what they need in a few short clicks.

Build processes with electronic checklists.

Start with our exclusive library of restaurant checklist templates, modify them to fit your situation, or create your own customized checklists. Ensure standards across all locations by launching automatic work orders based on inspection outcomes.


Margaritaville Caribbean
“Within one month of full implementation, we were seeing the benefits of improved team efficiency and faster completion of repairs. eSSETS brought us the communication tool needed for all the different roles to work together like a well-oiled machine. We also have more accurate data reporting and tracking. The eSSETS system more than pays for itself. It has been a great investment of resources for our department, delivering significant ROI. eSSETS is a critical part of our expansion strategy. A robust facility and asset management platform, like eSSETS, enables us to continue expanding the number of locations in our portfolio in the most efficient way possible.”

Bradley Morrison - Facilities Director

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Save Valuable Time

Through intuitive filtering and search, eSSETS makes it easy to search by place names, asset types, brands, , models, staff names, contractor names or skill keywords, and much more. Spend less time searching and more time doing!

Streamline Input

Make electronic checklists, find the information you need quickly, and reduce paper handling and input time thanks to mobile- and tablet-friendly functionality. Real-time database updates and asset records eliminate the need for clunky transcriptions or spreadsheets.

Minimize Overhead

Small investments add up quickly. eSSETS minimizes them by helping you plan for preventive maintenance over emergency repairs, preemptive inspections over hefty government fines, and of course, a simple web app over internal IT equipment and personnel.

Get Organized

eSSETS helps substantially reduce the burden of paper handling by giving you the option to compile invoices, receipts, purchase orders, and other critical documents electronically. Sort newly filed documents by facility, asset ID, or asset category and find them anytime, anywhere.

Reduce Risk

From minimizing workplace accidents and costly downtime through routine maintenance to identifying trends in condition metrics and cost measures that help you anticipate problems before they happen, eSSETS' documentation helps you reduce risk—and anticipate it.

Enjoy Reliability

eSSETS' cloud-based infrastructure and automatic updates keeps its app running smoothly and delivering results—without IT headaches, costly server installations, or licensing fees. All you need is an up-to-date web browser and you're ready to roll.

Still not sure - see how eSSETS will improve your ROI.

Why choose eSSETS over other systems?

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