Facility Management Reporting

Some suppliers of facility, asset and maintenance management software tout that they provide hundreds of management reports. Can you really use hundreds of reports? Are you going to sit around reading reports all day, or focus on actionable information to keep facilities and assets performing?

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Reporting Feature Examples

Transaction Analytics

This extremely flexible report provides a multidimensional analysis of expenditures. Begin with high-level summaries and drill down to supporting details. Numerous filtering options support facility managers and asset portfolio managers in their quest to understand how funds have been spent and drill down to the root cause.

  • Selectable by Date Range

  • Selectable by Facility

  • Selectable by Financial Categories

  • Selectable by Equipment Types

  • Multi-level Summarization Options

Service Level Analytics

This report helps facility managers analyze responsiveness to requests for services of different types. It answers the all important question of how long it took to complete a job from the time it was requested to completion. The key reporting metric is elapsed time, but you can configure your request categories and their sub-categories to fit your organization's needs. A typical setup might include HVAC, Plumbing, Electrical, IT, and Housekeeping at the top level. You can refine further with various sub-categories to assist you with more discreet analysis. Our charts let you drill down to specific details providing in-depth analysis on a case by case basis.

  • Find the root cause of performance

  • See how long the average job takes to complete

  • Measure variability between types of jobs and staff

  • See the total range of job time from fastest to longest and everything in-between

Labor Time Analysis Report

How is your staff time being utilized? Are all technicians reporting time so that you can plan for appropriate allocations? Our Labor Time Analysis Report helps facility managers answer these important questions with numerous reporting options.

  • Selectable by Facility

  • Selectable by Person

  • Selectable by Date Range

  • Drill Down Options

Asset Cost Report

Need to see a big picture overview of the assets in your care? Do your local and regional managers need to see different details? Our Asset Cost Report has you covered. This report lists assets and shows original acquisition cost, life-to-date operating costs and offers drill down options to see the supporting details. With our depreciation option, the report also shows life-to-date depreciation and net book value, again with the option to drill down to supporting details. When you need to provide analysis on CAPEX and OPEX, this is the report to turn to.

  • Selectable by Facility

  • Selectable by Asset

  • Drill Down Options

  • Depreciation Analysis Options

Life Cycle Activity Report

Activities in eSSETS include anything that has happened in the life cycle of your facilities or assets. Our Life Cycle Activity Report lets you filter to only the relevant information to empower decision making. Your activity life cycle history can be launched from any level in your facility or asset structure. You can look at a location, building, floor, room, etc. or look at a specific asset. You also have the choice to look at all activities and then filtered for:

  • Service Requests

  • Action Lists

  • Transactions

  • Reservations & Transfers

  • Attachments

CAPEX Planner

Capital Expenditure (CAPEX) planning or budgeting is an increasingly critical role of facility and asset portfolio managers. eSSETS provides tools to help identify assets approaching the end of their useful life and estimates future replacement expenditures. This is not just a static report. Bring your laptop or tablet to the budget planning meeting with your controller and/or CFO. When questions arise about why you want to replace the rooftop HVAC unit on building A, drill down to the activity history and show its increasing frequency and cost of maintenance. Facts matter when working with financial folks, with this report you'll have the salient facts in hand.

  • See a summary of estimated replacement costs over a future range of time

  • Drill the summary down to see specific details on facilities, assets or a combination of the two

Warranty Expiration Report

eSSETS helps facility managers track warranty coverage. This report highlights assets with warranties expiring during selected time ranges.

  • Filter by Facilities

  • Filter by Type of Asset

  • Select Warranty Expiration Time Range

eSSETS automates and maximizes your day-to-day operations.

Save Valuable Time

Through intuitive filtering and search, eSSETS makes it easy to search by places, asset types, or people. Plus, eSSETS' built-in equipment database holds thousands of brands and models of equipment so you spend less time on setup and more time putting eSSETS to work.

Streamline Input

Make electronic action lists, find the information you need quickly, and reduce paper handling and input time thanks to mobile- and tablet-friendly functionality. Real-time database updates and asset records eliminate the need for clunky transcriptions or spreadsheets.

Minimize Overhead

Small investments add up quickly. eSSETS minimizes them by helping you plan for preventive maintenance over emergency repairs, preemptive inspections over hefty government fines, and of course, a simple web app over internal IT equipment and personnel.

Get Organized

eSSETS helps substantially reduce the burden of paper handling by giving you the option to compile invoices, receipts, purchase orders, and other critical documents electronically. Sort newly filed documents by facility, asset ID, or asset category and find them anytime, anywhere.

Reduce Risk

From minimizing workplace accidents and costly downtime through routine maintenance to identifying trends in condition metrics and cost measures that help you anticipate problems before they happen, eSSETS' documentation helps you reduce risk—and anticipate it.

Enjoy Reliability

eSSETS' cloud-based infrastructure and automatic updates keeps its app running smoothly and delivering results—without IT headaches, costly server installations, or licensing fees. All you need is an up-to-date web browser and you're ready to roll.

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