Increase management efficiency & quality across government departments.

eSSETS works with governments across the globe to manage their assets. We help those looking to manage only one department or several levels of municipality and county governments. We also have expertise working with agencies, ministries of state, provincial and federal governments.

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Manage the competing needs of your communities infrastructure with real time data available no matter where you happen to be.

Make informed decisions and improve performance by tracking the smallest of details in eSSETS.

You have a diverse and expensive infrastructure of assets to maintain and manage. At eSSETS we provide an easy-to-use, web-based solution for doing just that. Our facility maintenance and asset management software helps you manage your vehicle fleets, signs, buildings, parking lots, parks & recreational grounds and equipment, and the list goes on. With the help of eSSETS facility maintenance and asset management software for governments and municipalities, you can:

  • Create More Efficient Public Facilities

  • Keep Public Facilities Safe & Accessible

  • Improve Your Speed & Quality of Service

  • Evaluate Contractor Performance

  • Improve the Asset Acquisition Process

  • Budget More Accurately

  • Manage Surplus Properties

No matter your department - eSSETS can improve your performance.

We work with police departments to manage buildings, fleets and training equipment so your team always has fully operational tools to keep the community safe.

Our software handles details for utilities like power, water treatment and waste water management. By using eSSETS our clients can manage their maintenance effectively to avoid outages.

eSSETS automates and maximizes your day-to-day operations.

Save Valuable Time

Through intuitive filtering and search, eSSETS makes it easy to search by places, asset types, or people. Plus, eSSETS' built-in equipment database holds thousands of brands and models of equipment so you spend less time on setup and more time putting eSSETS to work.

Streamline Input

Make electronic action lists, find the information you need quickly, and reduce paper handling and input time thanks to mobile- and tablet-friendly functionality. Real-time database updates and asset records eliminate the need for clunky transcriptions or spreadsheets.

Minimize Overhead

Small investments add up quickly. eSSETS minimizes them by helping you plan for preventive maintenance over emergency repairs, preemptive inspections over hefty government fines, and of course, a simple web app over internal IT equipment and personnel.

Get Organized

eSSETS helps substantially reduce the burden of paper handling by giving you the option to compile invoices, receipts, purchase orders, and other critical documents electronically. Sort newly filed documents by facility, asset ID, or asset category and find them anytime, anywhere.

Reduce Risk

From minimizing workplace accidents and costly downtime through routine maintenance to identifying trends in condition metrics and cost measures that help you anticipate problems before they happen, eSSETS' documentation helps you reduce risk—and anticipate it.

Enjoy Reliability

eSSETS' cloud-based infrastructure and automatic updates keeps its app running smoothly and delivering results—without IT headaches, costly server installations, or licensing fees. All you need is an up-to-date web browser and you're ready to roll.

Keep your public spaces in tip top shape.

Whether it is repairing broken playground equipment, mowing the lawns or replacing lights that are out at the ball field, you can assign a repair with a simple click.

Maintaining public transportation is hard when the equipment is constantly in use. Get a solid maintenance rotation going and build reports to get budgets approved with eSSETS.

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