eSSETS Newest Release Boosts Operational Intelligence

eSSETS Newest Release Boosts Operational Intelligence

The newest version of eSSETS software for asset, maintenance and facilities managemet introduces Work Templates for operational intelligence.  Users can create templates, or search the library of Work Templates contributed from multiple sources, and then modify them to fit specific needs. These new features will improve efficiency, reduce costs, and increase the overall effectiveness of the organization.

Work Templates for Knowledge Management

How do you capture know how? Work Templates allow you to organize procedures and tasks into work packages that guide your technicians and staff on getting operational work done, and done right! Work Templates can  include examples, diagrams, or other visual aids to help illustrate the procedures described in the template. These templates can also provide relevant safety information or precautions that need to be taken, which can reduce the risk injury.

By creating a work template, you can standardize the way work is performed, ensuring that it is done consistently and efficiently every time.

Work templates can be useful in a variety of facility and asset management settings, as well as for defining administrative functions. They can help organizations streamline their operations, reduce the risk of errors, and improve efficiency. They can also be a valuable training tool, helping new employees learn how to perform tasks correctly and efficiently.


Scheduled Inspections and Preventive Maintenance

Inspection forms can be created with Pass/Fail conditions, multiple choice selections, numerical ratings and measurements, and usage measures  such as odometer, and hour meter readings. These inspections generate work orders based upon repeat frequencies (Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Annually) or usage triggers. Failing conditions can automatically create work orders for follow-up and even notify interested parties about the out-of-tolerance event.

Apply Process When Needed‚Äč

Beyond just scheduled recurrence, managers can grab a predefined work template out of the library when it is needed. Searching and finding reusable work definitions is available at the work order,  procedure,  and even task level. This allows operational knowledge to be applied when needed for making staff assignments. These templates can be refined over time to dramatically improve quality of service delivery.

Easier, Faster Service Requests‚Äč

We also made it faster and easier for users of facilities and equipment to submit issues and requests. Our SmartQ Request function allows each requester to identify their normal location so they don’t have to select it with each request. The form will show all the assets within the selected Place, so if the issue is specific to a particular asset, they just select it from the list. This makes submission faster and easier, plus when the request is picked up for dispatch, the data is more reliable.

Contextual Maintenance History‚Äč

Request history, inspection history, preventive maintenance history, and all work orders have context! 

  • Who asked for it?
  • Who did the work?
  • Where was the work done?
  • Was the work done on a specific asset?

In this newest version of eSSETS, those questions are answered faster and easier! You can quickly find the last work orders by Person, Place or Thing, and also by those assigned to a Contractor. From the person, place, thing or contractor page, you can see the last relevant work order and drill down to a specific job, or request a view of the complete lifecycle history.

All of this is keeping with our mission of answering the Who, What, When, Where, Why, and How Much questions about facilities and assets!

Sometimes It's the Little Things‚Äč

This latest software release has enhancements big and small. When our customers talk, we listen! In addtion to the big stuff, there were numerous enhancements in this release for speed, clarity and ease-of-use. 

We’re proud of our software and we want you to see it! Better yet, we want you to use it to benefit your organization.

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