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Hold/Release Work Order

When to Use

Sometimes circumstances dictate that work cannot move forward on a work order. For example, a necessary part may become backordered. Putting a work order on hold drops temporarily postponed work from the ToDoQ so that assignees don't have to keep ignoring the work order on their list of assigned work.

Once the postponing condition is resolved, the work order is released from its hold, putting the work back onto assignee's lists.

Permitted Roles

  • Dispatcher
  • Administrator
  • Staff Assignee
  • Contractor Assignee

Holding a Work Order

To put a work order on hold, click the Hold icon located at the right of the work order details. It looks like a pause button on a remote control.

Indicate the reason for the hold by choosing from the dropdown list. You can also tell more about the reason by typing a note.

Click the green checkmark in the upper-right to change the status of the work order to On Hold.

Once the reason for the postponement has resolved, the work order can be added back to the assignee’s queues by clicking the Release icon. It looks like the play button on a remote control.