Webinar: Cloud-Based Facility Management Solutions vs. The Spreadsheet and Paper Chase

In most organizations, asset management crosses departmental lines, resulting in the burden of paper handling, run-on email exchanges and multiple versions of the truth. Documents such as invoices, receipts, requests for bid (RFB’s), purchase orders, and diagrams are shuffled from person to person ultimately to be cataloged into some form of a spreadsheet---or more likely, multiple spreadsheets. Accounting, Operations, and Maintenance, inevitably rely on their own particular “tried and true” filing methods resulting in duplication, confusion, wasted time, effort, and paper.

Sound familiar? One role of a facilities manager is to streamline and organize this paper chase. Ask yourself; How much time is wasted searching for information contained in spreadsheets related to the physical assets of your business? Let’s face it, search time is unproductive and it pays to reduce it. Data integrity also suffers when one or more spreadsheets must be maintained by handling multiple source documents. This unstructured approach leads to costly, ill-informed decisions. The good news is that you can save on administrative overhead, and increase the quality of search results by replacing labor-intensive paper processes with efficient and cost-effective electronic workflow software for facilities management.

In this 30-minute session, Michel Theriault, Principal of Strategic Advisor, a FM Consulting & Advisory firm, and Paul W. Roberts, CEO of eSSETS, a cloud-based CMMS software provider, present an analysis of current practices and the advantages of cloud-based facility management software solutions.

About the Presenters Michel Theriault is the author of “Managing Facilities and Real Estate,” as well as two other general business books. His consulting focuses on management, leadership and strategy in Facilities Management. For more information see Michel on LinkedIn, or read his blog Managing The Built Environment. Paul Roberts has been helping organizations with software solutions for over 25 years. Prior to founding eSSETS Paul has been an analyst, programmer, support specialist, consultant, project manager, product manager and software company executive. For more information see Paul on LinkedIn.

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