Webinar: Bridging The Communication Gap Between Facility Managers & Senior Management

Bridging The Communication Gap Between Facility Managers & Senior Management

Synopsis: Within a facilities management system, an all too familiar scenario plays out every day. Asset and maintenance managers are in a perpetual struggle to reduce facility costs and downtime, while increasing productivity. Technology, in the form of new equipment or maintenance software for example, is often a solution to the problem. Procurement then becomes the issue. Cost justification to upper management, namely the CFO, VP of Finance, or VP of Administration, is never an easy task. You need to grasp and hold the attention of your financial and executive decision makers to sell your plan. In this 45-minute online session, Paul Roberts, CEO of eSSETS, presents a study in bridging the communication gap that exists between facilities/asset managers and upper management. You will learn techniques to improve your communication skills when making your case, and in the long-run, boost your department’s productivity.

Discover key communication tips such as:

  • How spreadsheets are a complementary tool for business speak
  • How to summarize spreadsheet data (including charts and pivot tables)
  • How to grab the attention of your CFO, hold it, and present numbers in a way that resonates
  • Tips and tactics on how to sell your plan
  • How to effectively justify purchasing what you need
  • Learn how to get on, and stay on, the same page with your CFO
  • How to help save your company money; communicating the bottom line
  • Translate technology into business terms so senior management can understand
  • Tips on competing for funding
  • How to make the case for funds, achieve happiness at work, and improve your organization’s success.

About the Presenter:
Paul W. Roberts has been helping organizations with business productivity software, including CMMS solutions for the past 25 years. Prior to founding eSSETS Paul has been an analyst, programmer, support specialist, consultant, project manager, product manager and software company executive. For more information, connect with Paul on LinkedIn.

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