Maintenance Management Software Reduces Costs for Lodging Industry

Hotel maintenance management software can help resorts, hotels, and motels save money. While software can’t replace people, providing information to the right people, at the right place, at the right time, in the most appropriate format, can make lodging staff more efficient and effective. Let's take a look at each of these and see why they are important.

The Right People

Hotel facility managers are frequently a blend of technical, engineering, and management know-how. They know how things work, and they provide coaching and mentoring to their staff. Since they can’t be everywhere at once, they must rely on staff and contractors to keep HVAC and other mechanical equipment running, water flowing, and ensuring power gets delivered to the plethora of lighting and IT devices running in today’s hotel facilities. This means taking their know-how, sometimes accumulated over decades of hands-on lessons learned, and conveying that know how to others. The right facility manager, then, is the one that shares his or her knowledge in order to magnify their abilities.

The Right Place

What is the right place for information delivery? If your tech is on the roof working on a rooftop HVAC unit, an operation & maintenance manual stored in a three-ring binder in the facility managers office is NOT the optimum place. The right place is right where they are working! This is where tablets and/or smartphones, combined with the right maintenance management software can save time, while increasing the effectiveness of the technicians efforts.

The Right Time

What is the right time? The right time is inextricably related to the right place. It’s when the tech is in the basement boiler room or on the rooftop. Hotel asset management software is a tool to deliver information at the right place, at the right time - thus saving time.

The Right Form and Format

There is more to form than the information delivery vehicle. A tablet can be a great delivery vehicle. Modern cloud-based maintenance management software can transform these devices into extremely productive information delivery tools. While some facility managers have been wary of their technicians using these tools, our experience has indicated that techs figure out tools. That’s what they do, and these devices are just another tool in the toolkit. The term “computer literate” in the age of smartphones and tablets has lost much of its meaning. Everyone who uses a smartphone is developing “computer literacy” because they are powerful computers. Indeed, that smartphone in your pocket has more computing power than the most powerful desktop of a few years back!


Whether you call it maintenance management software, CMMS software or enterprise asset management software, modern cloud-based applications, like eSSETS, can deliver the right information, at the right place, the right time, and in the right (most appropriate) format. What you need is the right people to lead the charge, capture and share their knowledge, and make a decision to combine great software tools to advance your hotel facilities management, like our friends at Beachcomber Hotel Group have done.

About eSSETS:

eSSETS cloud-based software for facility and asset management provides tools for saving money through proactive action. The application provides tools for preventive maintenance scheduling, inspection checklists, and provides a library of checklist templates to help new accounts get started. This Action List Library is just one example of how eSSETS makes asset management easier.

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