New User Tips

Important Note: If you can't find what you're looking for, email us at If our help content isn't enough, then our support is ready to answer your questions!

Getting to Help Text Content

In the top right-hand corner of every page, there is a help icon.

Contacting Support

In the footer of every page, you can send a context-sensitive help request to the eSSETS support team. This is a great way to access help because our system knows what page you were on when you click it. This makes it easier for the support team to know where you are in the system and answer your questions. To use this feature, click on the contact eSSETS button and send us a message. Our team will respond quickly with written instructions or give you a call. We HIGHLY recommend using this method!


On full-size screens, the menu bar at the top of the page takes you to various areas of the application. The currently active page is circled like Dashboard is in this example.

On smaller screens, such as a smartphone, the menu collapses into an icon. Clicking the menu icon shows the menu options in a vertical list, as shown below:

The Filter Bar - Filter, Search, Sort

The filter bar is one of the most powerful tools in eSSETS! Each user can customize their filter bar for the ones used most often. Different pages have different filters that can be toggled on and off on the fly, and "pinned" to retain them in the bar.

Many pages come with default filters activated when you first arrive on the page. Active filters are gold.

Instructions for using filters:

  • Click the + on the far right to add more filters to the bar.
  • Click the X to the right in gold boxes to turn the filters off.
  • Click the X on the green box labeled "filters" to turn off all filters at once.
  • Click the push-pin to the left of the filter box to remove this filter from the bar.
  • Click the green filter box to edit and access more filter options. Individual selections can be removed by clicking the red X to the right of its label. Any section in the dialog can be expanded to add or change filter values. This makes what you see on screen highly customizable!

As a general rule, once you turn on a filter, it remains on until you turn it off. This will apply when moving from page to page. For example, if you have filtered for a specific THING on the THINGS list, and then click on ACTIVITIES, your filters remain in place.

If you can't find what you are looking for, you should check your filters. Odds are good if you edit them, what you need will appear.

Notes are important for PEOPLE & ORGANIZATIONS

Taking the time to fill in details in the notes section is a best practice. It makes searching for contractors and staff with specific skills fast and easy. We recommend using keywords in the notes area under the Basic Info sections of ORGANIZATIONS and PEOPLE.

For example, put the word "contractor" in the notes of all contractors that perform services for you. Add another word after contractor to indicate their trade or skill. Add as many keywords as you want to facilitate finding the right contractors or people when you need them.

A few keyword examples:

  • contractor, plumbing
  • contractor, electrical
  • contractor, HVAC
  • supplier, lighting
  • supplier, software
  • government, agency
  • inspector