eSSETS is sophisticated, yet easy to use software to help those responsible for managing facilities and other long-term assets get results.

In the world of eSSETS, every Thing has its Place. eSSETS is a simple and cost-effective solution for small organizations, and scalable, sophisticated, and powerful for large organizations. With eSSETS you will save time, save money, get organized, reduce risks, and provide great service to customers and stakeholders. How? Read on.

Every Thing has its Place - Assets in eSSETS are organized into the Places hierarchy; a tree structure providing filtering and security. A Place can be an organizational unit, such as a region or district, or can be a physical Place, such as a building, room, parking lot, parcel, area or space. Read more>

Assets are Things of Value - Things are assets of varying types. We recognize that a forklift has very different characteristics than a boiler, so we provide unique specifications and other attributes based upon type of Thing. In many cases we can speed up the setup process of your assets in eSSETS by matching brand and model to our extensive database of common commercial equipment and bringing in those unique specifications. More data, less data entry. Read more>

Relationship Intelligence - Keeping assets performing at optimal levels throughout their lifecycle involves people---both your people and experts outside your organization. eSSETS provides tools for identifying who's responsible for what, who provides warranty coverage, who can maintain it, and who can fix it when it breaks? Read more>

Activities Beyond Accounting - Where accounting systems are designed to track transactions, eSSETS tracks every activity that occurs during an asset's lifecycle, from acquisition through disposition, and everything in between. Historical activities answer important questions and indicate trends that can assist with future planning. Read more>

ActivityQ TM  - Work Orders Redefined - Where historical activities define the past, eSSETS exclusive ActivityQ is a dynamic workflow engine for the future. It is an action-oriented tool for defining and assigning work to keep assets performing. Read more>

Action Lists - Sometimes you need to check and inspect, sometims you need to take prescribed actions, and other times you react to observable conditions. eSSETS supports check, do and respond types of actions. Action Lists can be pre-defined and standarized across your organization for enhanced quality control. Action Lists are "attached" to applicable Places and Things and assigned via ActivityQ. Action Lists are delivered to mobile devices, such as tablets and smartphones and data captured immediately updates the database. Read more>

Asset Knowledge-base - Its great to have manuals and other product documentation in the office---if you happen to be in the office. eSSETS delivers product knowledge when and where it is needed. Forget the paper stacks and filing cabinets and move into the anyplace, anytime world of effective & efficient knowledge management. Read more>

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